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The 2016 ICSB Academy

June 12-18, 2016 | Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey (USA)

Forget the start-up simulators or the decades-old business plan formula. Be prepared to build, pitch, pivot, and execute your lean non-profit start-up in five days from the world’s innovation hub in New York/New Jersey, USA.

As the world’s first – and largest – international membership organization dedicated to promote the growth and development of small businesses worldwide, the International Council for Small Business (“ICSB”) is pleased to announce the launch of the second cohort of the ICSB Academy, hosted in conjunction with the 61st Annual ICSB World Conference at Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey (USA) between June 12-18, 2016.

Following the success of the inaugural ICSB Academy cohort hosted in Dubai, UAE in June 2015, ICSB will continue to bring forth another successful and dynamic five-day boot camp that will provide 200 participants with a full immersion experience in the making of a lean start-up.

ICSB Academy 2016 Cohort









Team Formation

Participants will network to form (or participate having already formed) groups to develop a business model canvas for a specific idea.

Dynamic Learning Modules

We have designed modules that will take participants through the fundamental concepts and tools to help them identify entrepreneurial opportunities and create a new venture. Then, instead of engaging in months-long planning and research, teams will put their untested hypotheses to the table and build.

The ICSB Academy has partnered with LaunchPad Central, an online tool through which participants, working in teams, will utilize the application to accelerate the design and testing period of their business model throughout the course of the ICSB Academy.

Lean Start-Up

Focused on action-based learning and product or service testing, teams will then enter the agile development phase, whereby students will engage in customer visits and Global Faculty consultations.


By the end of the week, participants will pitch and crowd-source their businesses to the participants of the ICSB World Conference to compete for the ICSB Academy award. A further award will be given to the school representing the most successful students in the cohort.

Participants will prepare a 1-page executive summary that MUST include the following elements:

  • Team members (include which team member will be presenting)
  • Product/service description
  • Problem being solved
  • Competitive advantage (Why are you better than competitors? Lighter, faster, stronger, cheaper, more features?)
  • Business model (How you will make profits?)
  • Innovative elements (How you are differentiated?)
  • Target market (Who will buy this, and how much would they pay for it?)
  • Societal impact (Is this green or sustainable?)

The first score is a measure of the quality of the presentation, and the second score is based upon how well the team has addressed the elements of an executive summary.

Mentorship and Networking

ICSB Academy will create a memorable experience through mentorship of the Global Faculty and networking opportunities with participants coming from diverse set of countries in a unique international professional atmosphere.

The ICSB Academy has drawn distinguished academicians from leading institutions of higher education from across the globe, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and business experts. The Global Faculty represents the countries of Argentina, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Italy, Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, and United States of America.

Global Perspective

An enlightened perspective on a diverse set of topics related to entrepreneurship and small business development through integrated workshops and sessions at the 2016 ICSB World Conference.

Experiential Learning

A complementary program of off-site activities including company and cultural visits.


Sunday, June 12, 2016

03:00 PM – Check in to dorms – Davis Hall

06:00 PM – Welcome Event and Team Formation – Bissinger Room

Monday, June 13, 2016

08:00 AM – Registration

09:10 AM – Breakfast with an Entrepreneur – Dr. Christos Christoulatos – Bissinger Room

10:10 AM – Instructor and Team Introductions – Bissinger Room

11:10  AM – I Core: Innovation & Creativity – Bissinger Room

12:10 PM – Lunch with team – Off campus

01:10 PM – C Core: Customer Discovery – Babbio 122

02:10 PM – S Core: Sell Your Idea – Babbio 122

03:10 PM – B Core: Business Model Innovation – Babbio 122

04:10 PM – LaunchPad Central Workshop – Babbio 122

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

08:10 AM – Breakfast with an Entrepreneur – Dr. Walter Ruda – Bissinger Room

09:10 AM – V Core: Value Proposition – Bissinger Room

10:10 AM – D Core: Utilizing Technology – Bissinger Room

11:10 AM – F Core: Funding – Bissinger Room

12:10 PM – Lunch with Stevens President, Provost, and ICSB Board of Directors

02:10 PM – Knowledge Electives – Babbio 104, 122, Bissinger Room

03:10 PM – Knowledge Electives – Babbio 104, 122

04:10 PM – Knowledge Electives – Babbio 104, 122

05:10 PM – Get out of the building – Teams find/visit with customers

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

08:10 AM – Breakfast – Bissinger Room

09:10 AM – Site Visit: New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) Enterprise Development Center

01:10 PM – Lights, Camera, Action – Elevator Pitches – Babbio 202, 203. 204, 210

06:10 PM – 2016 ICSB World Conference Welcome Reception & Pitch Market

Thursday, June 16, 2016

08:00 AM – Breakfast with team

09:00 AM – ICSB World Conference – United Nations

06:10 PM – NYC Night in Town

Friday, June 17, 2016

08:00 AM – Breakfast with ICSB participants

09:00 AM – ICSB World Conference – Stevens Instititute of  Technology

04:10 PM – Prepare for Gala

06:30 PM – ICSB World Conference Gala Dinner

Saturday, June 18, 2016

09:00 AM – Module 12 – ICSB World Conference Closing

10:45 AM – Top Teams Present for Final Pitch – DeBaun Auditorium

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